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2023 SHOWS

Mar 3        The Mill Tavern, Manotick, ON

June 24     Private Event, Carp, ON

July 15 (Tentative Date)   Rockin' the Rideau (Formerly Covid-Aid), Kars, ON

July 22      Private Event, Kars, ON  

Aug 12      Private Event, Osgoode, ON    



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Mar 26      The Joint, Rideau Carleton Casino (Future home of Hard Rock), Ottawa, ON

May 14      Tomlinson Private Event, Foresters Falls, ON

May 14      Carleton Yacht and Golf Club, Manotick, ON

Jun 18        Private Event, North Gower, ON

July 1         COVID AID 3, Kars, ON

Aug 13       Russell Fair, Russell, ON

Sept 2        Shawville Fair - Opening for Kim Mitchell and Beer Tent, Shawville, ON

Sept 27      Toronto Distillery Corporate Show, Toronto, ON

Dec 24       Private Event, Carleton Place, ON

Dec 31        To be announced, Ottawa, ON


Jan 18        Greenfield's, Barrhaven, ON

Feb 22       Private Event, Barrhaven, ON

TBD          The Mill, Manotick, ON (Postponed due to COVID-19)

TBD          Carleton Golf & Yacht Club, Manotick, ON (Postponed due to COVID-19)

TBD.         Dickonson's Day, Manotick, ON (Postponed due to COVID-19)

TBD          Private Event, Long Island Marina, Kars, ON (Postponed due to COVID-19)

June 20     Greenfield's Barrhaven, ON

Aug 2        Private Event, Westport, ON

Sep 12       Private Event, JTF2 Military Celebration

Sep 19      Private Event, Carleton Place, ON


Mar 16       St Louis' Bar & Grill, Ottawa, ON

May 10      Private Event, Manotick, ON

May 31       Greenfield's, Barrhaven, ON

June 1        Rockin' for Rogers House

June 15      Private Event, Kick Off to Summer Bash

June 21      Private Event, Summer Bash

Sep 6         Russell Fair, Russell, ON

Sep 14       Private Event, Live on the Water

Sep 28       Private Event

Oct 19       Camp Smitty Fundraiser    

Nov 4        Craft Beer Festival

Nov 16      Private Event, Manotick Legion

Nov 29      Greenfield's, Barrhaven, ON    


Mar 17        St. Patty's Day

Mar 29       The Mill, Manotick, ON

Apr 26        Greenfield's, Barrhaven, ON

May 5         Chicks in the 'Tick", Manotick ON

May 6         CN Cylce for CHEO, Lebreton Flatts Ottawa ON

Jun 2           Rockin' for Rogers House

Jun 16         Private Event

Aug 18        Private Event, Wedding

Aug 24        Private Event

Sep 8          Russell Fair, Russell, ON         

Sep 29        Private Event

Oct 12         Private Event

Dec 8         Greenfield's, Barrhaven, ON      



Jan  28        Shiverfest, Osgoode

Feb 25         Greenfield's, Barhaven

Mar 17         St Patty's Day Shamrock Shindig, Osgoode, ON

Apr 28         Chicks in the 'Tick for Rock the Dock, Manotick ON

May 7          CN Cylce for CHEO, Lebreton Flatts Ottawa ON

May 13         Funding for Mitch Presley, Manotick ON

Jun 3            Rockin' for Rogers House

Jun 24          Metcalfe Barn Dance, Metcalfe ON

Jun 27          Private Event at Lonestar Ranch, Ottawa ON

Jul 28           Walkham's Gate, Bonavista NL

Jul 29           Bonavista Days, Bonavista NL

Jul 31            Greensleeve's Pub, St. John's NL

Aug 6           Private Event, Westport ON

Aug 19          South Mountain Fair, South Mountain ON

Aug 26         Private Wedding, Manotick ON

Sept 22         Private Wedding, Equinelle Golf Course

Sept 30         Jam on the Rideau (Kars, ON)

Oct 14

Dec 1st         Chateau Laurier, Remax Absolute, Ottawa, ON

Dec 6th        Lonestar Ranch, (Private) X Mas Party, Ottawa,ON

Dec 8th        The Whalesbone, (Private) Elgin St, Ottawa ON

Dec 31st        The Hard Rock Café (OLG) Ottawa, ON             


Jan 9            Private Birthday Party, The Mill Bar & Grill

Jan 23          The Bier Markt, Ottawa ON

March 17     Black Dog, Manotick (mini)

April 22, 23 Rideau Carleton Slots

May 6th      Greenfields

May 13th    Biermarkt, Ottawa

June 4th     Rogers House,  Festival

June 10       Brass Monkey

June 17       Lonestar, Chris Phillips Retirement Party

June 25th   Wedding, Gananoque Boat Tour,  Gananoque, Ont (mini)

July 2nd     Yonder Hill, Summer Bash- Cobden, Ontario

July 23rd    Matawatchan-  Wayne Swails Memorial Weekend

July 29th    Walkham's Gate- Bonavista, Newfoundland

July 30th   Bonavista Festival, Cabot Stadium, Newfoundland

Aug 2nd     Green Sleeves, St. John's, Newfoundland an Event

Aug 20th    Taste of Manotick

Sep 17         Brittania Yacht Club Gala

Sep 26         TD Place - Private Event

Sep 30         Oktoberfest - Barhaven

Oct  8          Wedding - Perth, ON

Nov 4         St.Louis Wings, Ottawa

Nov 25        Remax Christmas Party

Dec 6          Private Event, Lonestar Ranch

Dec 16         Private Event, Broadway's - Riverside South



Jan 16      Greenfield's Pub and Eatery

Jan 24      Now Larimar, Punta Cana

Mar 13     Bier Markt, Ottawa

May 15     Greenfield's, Ottawa

Jun 5        Rockin' for Rogers House

Jun 24      Newfoundland Tour

Aug 1       Private Party, Cobden ON

Aug 2       Private Party, Centennial Lake ON

Aug 15      A Taste of Manotick, Manotick ON

Aug 15      Private Wedding, Greely ON

Aug 28     Shark World Championship, Britannia Yacht Club

Sep 26      Private Event, Manotick ON

Dec 11      Greenfield's Pub & Eatery, Ottawa ON

Dec 31      Greenfield's Pub & Eatery




Jan 18      Greenfield's Pub and Eatery

Jan 25      Sandals Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

May 23    Liam McGuire's Campaigne Kick-Off Party

May 31    Osgoode Arena - Private Party

Jun 6       Rockin' for Roger's House - La Piazza, Manotick

Jun 7       The Mill, Manotick

Jun 22      The Rainbow, Ottawa

Jul 26      Wicklow Summer Bash, Manotick

Aug 1       Calistoga Club, Montreal

Aug 8       The Mill, Manotick

Aug 16     A Taste of Manotick, Manotick

Oct 4       Cancer Foundation Fundraising Event

Oct 10      50th Birthday Party - Private Event

Oct 18      5th Annual Brain Matters

Oct 19      Private Party - The Mill, Manotick 

Dec 31      New Year's Eve Bash - Greenfield's Pub & Eatery   



Jan 25     Calistoga, Montreal

Feb 22     Greenfields

May 19    Sarah's Jam in the Country

May 24   Rock for the Children of Haiti - Manotick Legion

May 31    Dickinson's Days, Rockin' for Roger's House

Jul 6       Private Wedding - Rideau River

Jul 13      Rock the Dock - Thousand Islands

Aug 3     Morrisburg Waterfront Festival

Aug 17    Private wedding - Cedarview Golf Course

Aug 31    Shawville Fair

Sep 19    Lone Star Texas Bar & Grill

Oct 5      Wedding - Hammond Golf Course

Oct 6      Metcalfe Fair

Oct 19    Brain Matters Gala

Nov 9    Para Nordic Fundraiser - Knights of Columbus



Apr 27   Calistoga Club, Montreal

Jun 1     The Mill, Manotick

Jun 2     Roger's House Gala

Jun 2     Dickinson Days

Jul 14     Greenfields

Jul 28     Salute to Summer Bash, Manotick

Aug 10   Private wedding

Sep 1     Shawville Fair

Sep 22   Black Dog, Manotick (Private)

Oct 7     Wedding, Carleton Place

Oct 20   Brain Matters Gala, Embrun

Dec 14   Kars RA - Christmas Party

Dec 15   Centurion Center - Private Xmas Party



Feb 5     Greenfield's

Mar 04  Tucson's

Apr 02   The Mill -- MOTH/MIHL Finals Banquet

Apr 16    Manotick Curling Club (Private)

Jun 03    The Mill-Dickinson Days

Jun 04    Greenfield's (CHEO)

Jul 09     The Mill (First Anniversary Gala)

Jul 23      Mid-Summer Kick-Off-Manotick Estates

Aug 25    Lone Star East

Aug 27    Audet Wedding

Sep 10     Russell Fair

Sep 23     Montreal-Calistoga Club

Oct 14      Greenfields

Oct 22      Brain Matters-Fundraiser

Nov 12     Tucson's

Nov 19     Lone Star Ranch (West)

Nov 30    Local Heroes -- "Movember" Fundraiser




Mar 06  Liam Maguire's

Mar 20  One Run Celebration -- Dow's Lake

Apr 30   Tucson's

May 29   Lone Star Hunt -- Almonte

Jun 05    Dickinson Days -- Manotick

Jul 09     Grand Opening -- Mill Pub, Manotick

Jul 10      Lone Star -- Corporate

Jul 15       Lone Star -- Corporate

Aug 21     Tucson's

Aug 28    Super Ex -- Opening for Stampeders

Aug 28    Findlay Creek Summer Bash

Sep 10     New Mill on Main (Manotick)

Sep 26     Carp Fair -- Opening for Chilliwack

Oct 23     Anderson Golf Links w/Liam Maguire

Nov 19    Dinner Dance for Ovarian Cancer

Dec 31     Centerpointe Marshy's (New Year's Eve)




Jan 19      Tucson's

Feb 14      Lone Star Ranch

Mar 17     St. Patty's Day (Royal Oak - Blair Rd)

Apr 24     Tucson's

May 01     Irish Hills Golf Club

May 16     Firefighter's Grand Ball (Westin Hotel)

May 22     Liam Maguire's 50th (Manotick Arena)

Jun 06      Century Road Summer Bash

Jun 06      Military Special Event (Lone Star)

Jun 20      Wedding (Lone Star)

Sep 25      Royal Oak 25th Anniversary (Blair Rd)

Oct 02      Metcalfe Fair

Oct 30      Watson's Mill

Dec 05     Private Party (Lone Star)

Dec 18      Christmas Party (Tucson's)



Jan 20     Embrun Benefit Concert

Feb 02     Marshy's (after Mellencamp show)

Feb 16      Kelly's Welcome re-opening (Manotick)

Feb 22      Tucson's (Bank St.)

Mar 29     Lone Star Ranch

Apr 05     Loaves & Fisheries (Sala San Marco)

Apr 19      Kelly's Welcome

May 03    Tucson's (Bank St.)

May 24    Cobden (Agricultural Center)

May 30    Tomlinson Summer Bash (River Rd.)

Jun 07     Canadian Military (Lone Star Ranch)

Jun 13      Minto Summer Bash (Lone Star Ranch)

Jun 21      Afghan. Benefit (Canada War Museum)

Jun 27      Wedding (Perth)

Jun 28      Birthday Bash (Metcalfe)

Jul 01       Canada Day (Rideau River Gala)

Jul 18       Ottawa Bluesfest Closing Party

Jul 26       Ottawa Senators Bump N'Smash Trny

Aug 23     Kelly's Welcome (Manotick)

Sep 07      Canadian Bank Note (Lone Star Ranch)

Oct 03      Royal Oak (Blair Road)

Nov 28     Xmas Party-RBC Securities

Dec 12       Xmas Party-Tri-Co

Dec 13       Xmas Party-Coldwell Banker

Dec 31       New Year's Eve (Crowne Plaza)



Jan 27      Tucson's (w/Samantha Timmins)

Feb 10      Osgoode-Rideau Hockey Assn-Osgoode

Feb 24      Lone Star Ranch

Apr 20     Tucson's

Apr 27      Rideau-Carleton Slots

May 04    Retirement Party (Orleans)

May 16     Marshy's after Sens Game (Buffalo)

May 18     Tucson's w/S.Timmins & R.Paquette

May 19     Tucson's w/S.Timmins & R.Paquette

May 24     Lone Star Ranch (Economical Ins Corp)

Jun 02      Marshy's (Stanley Cup Final/Game #3)

Jun 04      Marshy's (Stanley Cup Final/Game #4)

Jun 08      Lone Star Ranch (Corporate)

Jun 23       Lone Star Ranch (Corporate)

Jul 27        Tucson's

Jul 28        Sens Bump'n Smash Volleyball - 1pm

Jul 28        O'Connors / Kanata Centrum

Aug 11        Wedding (Otter Lake)

Aug 18       Sheraton Plaza

Sep 08      Nangor Resort

Oct 04       Marshy's (Sens-Leafs opener)

Oct 12        Pembroke Knights of Columbus Hall

Oct 27       Tucson's (Halloween)

Nov 03      Marshy's (Sens v. Boston)

Nov 09     Tucson's w/Samantha Timmins

Nov 15       Marshy's (following Bon Jovi concert)

Dec 22       Marshy's (Sens v. Chicago)

Dec 31       Crowne Plaza (New Year's Eve)




Feb 18         Lone Star Ranch

Mar 31         Tucson's (Bank St.)

Apr 22         Nepean Sailing Club

Apr 29         Mike Doyle Fundraiser (Manotick Arena)

May 17         Lone Star Ranch

Jun 03         Kelly's Welcome (Dickinson Days)

Jun 17          Nangor Resort (Wakeboarding Natls)

Jul 01           Osgoode Township (Canada Day)

Ju l07          Tucson's (Bank Street)

Aug 12         Bump'n Smash--Scotia Bank Place

Sep 30         Lone Star Ranch (1-5 pm)

Sep 30         150th Metcalfe Fair

Oct 21           Tucson's (Bank Street)

Nov 25         Tucson's (Bank Street)

Dec 22          93.9 BOB-FM Xmas Party

De c31           Nepean Sailing Club (New Year's Eve)



Jan 01       Nangor Resort (New Year's Bash)

Jan 07       Grace O'Malley's, Stittsville

Jan 29       Danford Lake Winter Carnival

Mar 04     Grace O'Malley's, Stittsville

Mar 19      The Buckhorn, Calabogie

Apr 08      Nepean Sailing Club

Apr 09      Kelly's Welcome, Manotick

Apr 15        Intl. Competition - Tipperary, Ireland

Apr 16        Intl. Competition - Tipperary, Ireland

Apr 17        Intl. Competition - Tipperary, Ireland

May 13       Grace O'Malley's, Stittsville

Jun 04        Kelly's Welcome, Manotick

Jun 11          Rodeo On the Lake, Cobden

Jun 18         Nat'l Wakeboard Comp., Nangor Resort

Jun 24         Riverbend, Osgoode

Jun 25         Private Party

Jul 01          Nangor Resort (Canada Day)

Jul 09          Summer Jam Festival, Augusta

Jul 30          Intl. Truck Rodeo, New Liskeard

Jul 31           Intl. Truck Rodeo, New Liskeard

Aug 01         Intl. Truck Rodeo, New Liskeard

Sep 17          Moose Creek (Wedding)

Oct 21           Riverbend Pub, Osgoode

Dec 03         Giant Tiger Corporate Xmas Party

Dec 16          Royal Oak, Blair Road

Dec 31          Nepean Sailing Club (New Year's Eve)

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